Welcome to our Resort

Fishing in Belize

Duty Free Shopping

Archaeology & Cultural Tours

Bird Watching

Welcome to Cerros Beach Resort, the perfect getaway for all travelers. We can make your vacation great .

Relax in a hammock by the ocean, spend the day trekking through the jungle, enjoy a day of fishing, shopping or touring. We have a genuine tropical vacation waiting for you here in Belize.

No, you’re not going to find an over crowded, noisy beach, no annoying activity directors or “theme” nights of all those bland luxury resorts. Just pure fun and relaxation at your own pace in a rustic, tropical setting. It’s the kind of a place where the tourists can feel like locals.
Completey surrounded by jungle, we are the only resort within walking distance of the ancient Mayan Cerros ruins.

So pack your camera, hiking shoes, fishing pole and sense of adventure and truly “get away from it all” at Cerros Beach Resort.

We are a low-impact, environmentally friendly resort, relying on solar and wind power, making your stay a completely guilt-free pleasure.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

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